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Can I Afford It?

At some point, after you’ve explored all of the options regarding weight loss surgery, you will need to determine how you will pay for the procedure.

Choosing weight loss surgery is a very important step to a healthier you.

What Are My Options?

The cost of surgery is not insignificant. But when you compare the cost of surgery to obesity related costs- it is small. Consider the co-pays you spend on medical prescriptions, for doctor office visits, lab work, specialists, physical therapists/allied health professionals. The money spent on out-of-pocket healthcare expenses each year, such as ibuprofen, snore relief remedies. Factor in the money you spend annually on groceries and dining out. Not to mention the amount you spent on non-surgical weight loss programs. Once added up, it is a lot.


Many health insurance plans cover surgery for weight loss; however, it is often a lengthy approval process. We are here to make it easier. Our office has coordinators who will assist you in all steps of getting through the insurance process.

Each insurance company has its own requirements and criteria for weight loss surgery. In addition, it is up to the employer to choose to include the benefit in their employee insurance policy. When you call to check with your insurance company, ask them if your policy includes a “bariatric benefit”. The procedure codes (CPT codes) for the weight loss surgeries are:

  • Gastric Bypass 43644
  • LapBand 43770
  • Gastric Sleeve 43775
  • LapBand adjustments S2083

A Letter of Medical Necessity is required in order to obtain approval for your surgery. Please click here to learn more about a Letter of Medical Necessity. In order for us to submit your information to your insurance company for approval we must receive your lab work and diagnostic tests, nutrition consultation, psychological evaluation, and Letter of Medical Necessity required by your insurance company. At CCS, we know you are eager to learn of the insurance approval; therefore, we follow-up with insurance company regularly after submitting the request and keep you posted with any information we learn as we go.

Cash Options and Financing

If you don’t have insurance or have insurance with a high deductible plan, we have programs to help everyone achieve their weight loss goals. There is truly no better investment you can make than in your own health. Most studies show the cost of surgery is offset on average in two years just in savings in decreased medications, decreased hospitalizations, decreased doctor visits, etc. We accept cash, certified check, and major credit cards. If you need to obtain financing, American Healthcare Lending is an available option.

Patients come to us from Greensboro, High Point, Kernersville, Winston-Salem, Burlington and neighboring communities.

Insurance Requirements
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