About Obesity


Am I a Candidate?

Typically, for a person to be a candidate for surgery, all of the criteria below must be met.

You are a person with obesity

You have a BMI of 40 or more or you have a BMI 35 to 39.9 with serious medical conditions associated with obesity, such as high blood pressure, Type II diabetes, sleep apnea, high cholesterol.  In some cases, you may qualify for certain types of bariatric surgery if your BMI is 30 to 34 and you have serious obesity-related health problems. See our BMI calculator.

You have tried other weight loss methods

Such as supervised diets, drug therapy, exercise, and/or behavior modification weight loss programs and you are still obese. Some insurers require you to have had 3 to 6 months of medically supervised weight loss.

Remember, surgery is just one of the tools you will need in your weight loss journey.

You understand the procedure

You understand the surgery as well as the benefits and risks of surgery. Currently, our program only accepts patients 18 years of age or older and who have no severe psychological or medical condition that would make surgery a high risk.

You are motivated

You are motivated to make a lifelong behavioral commitment that includes well-balanced eating and physical activities necessary to achieve the best results.

More than 95% of morbidly obese people regain the weight they lose within a few years after diet and exercise alone.
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